About Consumer AutoPlus™ and Consumer HITS™ Reports

  • Insurance information is submitted to CGI by the Canadian Property and Casualty (P&C) industry. CGI stores that information but is not authorized to make changes to it.
  • A consumer may request insurance information that CGI holds about them however CGI may only release information related to the requesting consumer.
  • Consumers requesting that CGI provide information about them have the obligation to demonstrate to CGI that they are who they claim to be so that CGI may release their information to them.CGI also requires the consent and positive identification of other parties whose personal information that may be contained in a consumer report (for example, co-insureds and additional drivers).
  • Consumer Request forms are located in the footer section of this site under the heading CONSUMER REPORTS.
  • Once a consumer has demonstrated that they are entitled to receive the requested information, that information will be provided in the form of a Consumer report specific to the request made (i.e. Property or Automobile).
  • Insurers in Ontario are prohibited from using underwriting and risk classification criteria that are expressly prohibited. This includes factors based on credit history and credit rating in addition to other factors such as residence history, occupation, profession or employment status, and level of income. Matters relating to acceptable underwriting procedure can be found at the Financial Services Commission of Ontario website; http://www.fsco.gov.on.ca/
  • If you do not agree with the information on the Consumer report that CGI provides to you, please contact the Complaint Officer/Ombudsperson of the insurer that provided the information to CGI (i.e. the insurance company who you were insured with). A list of these individuals can be found on the Financial Services Commission of Ontario website:  http://www.fsco.gov.on.ca/en/insurance/complaints/Pages/default.aspx .
  • You also have the right to contest or correct the information in a Consumer report under sections 13 of the Consumer Reporting Act (through contacting CGI by one of the options below), or apply to the Registrar of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services to direct CGI to make corrections and/or file a complaint.
  • CGI will only mail a copy of your Consumer Report to the address that appears on the Proof of Residence provided by you (see below). Reports will be mailed by regular mail within 10 business days of receiving your request.

  • Consumer automobile information is provided in a Consumer AutoPlus™ report
    • AutoPlus™ provides personal automobile policy and claims information
    • Proof of residence is a scanned copy of the front of your provincial driver’s license
    • Information of co-insureds, additional drivers and other third parties can only be provided by an additional request for a consumer report (provided to that requestor) and proof of identity of that third party.

  • Consumer property information is provided in a Consumer HITS™ report
    • HITS™ provides personal property claims information related to a property location while it was insured by you. Claims information pertaining to any property location while it was not insured by you will not be provided.
    • Proof of residence is a copy of a current utility bill (i.e. phone, gas, water, hydro etc.) displaying your name and current address as well as information about your current property policy (outlined on the request form).

How to order your Consumer Report or to Request a Correction

  • Print and complete the request form by clicking on the Consumer AutoPlus™ or HITS™ Report Order Form link below. Note: Requests will only be processed when received on this form.
  • Send your request by one of the options below.
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