CGI’s AutoPlus™ is Canada’s largest database of automobile policy and claims information containing over 60 million policy records and more than 40 million claims spanning not more than 25 years.

With only a driver’s license or policy number, CGI's AutoPlus™ system allows insurers to access detailed and up-to-date personal automobile claims and policy information. This service can be quickly and easily accessed using the Internet, Web services, API - the choice is up to you. Clients also have a choice of obtaining the traditional AutoPlus™ Classic report or the AutoPlus™ Gold report, which contains a summary section and automatic fraud alert indicators, along with all of the information on the classic report.

Used in conjunction with the other tools in CGI's auto toolbox, these AutoPlus™ services provide key information necessary for better and faster decision making in your automobile underwriting and claim adjustment process.

AutoPlus™ also allows for seamless access to Motor Vehicle Reports, and VIN Link Plus Automobile, a service for validating VIN's.

Summary of Benefits

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Single sign-on
  • Electronic billing backup
  • Compliance with federal and provincial privacy requirements
  • Extended system availability
  • Automatic fraud alert indicators (AutoPlus™ Gold)
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